Attention sync reps; ad agency execs; content producers; and record company decision makers:

Mike Lorello and Larry Lange have joined forces as veteran songwriters, performers and producers to create some of the best (and BRAND NEW!) Classic Pop-Rock music you’ll hear since, well – ever!    Read more…

Songs by Mike Lorello and Larry Lange

Classic Pop

Sugah Rush Rush(Impossibly catchy and thrilling Bubblegum!)
I Found Freedom (Thanks to Marvin Gaye)(Jaunty pop-rock ala Van Morrison with a slice of soul)
(That Is Why) God Invented Love(A Carpenters-style production of a Barcharch/David-type song. Ft. Shannon Rae)
Time Machine(That soulful Bee Gees sound we’ve all been longing for since the Disco era)
I Believe In Daydreamz(Echoes of The Lovin’ Spoonful, David Cassidy and Melanie. Ft. Marina Mullins)
For Shake's Sake!(An early Beatles-style romper that captures the joyous spirit of 1964!)
After You(A Classic-Rock-style crossover power-ballad)
Clutch!(Root for your team with this brand new kickass stadium anthem)

All songs © Mike Lorello & Larry Lange

except *written by Lorello, Lange and Camille Gucciardo